The Maddening Roar

Session 008

A Foundry Amidst The Ruins

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In one section of the ruins, the party also found a building crafted of a different stone than the surrounding walls. The metal door bore the symbol of House Cannith and when Jak held Bonal Geldem’s journal up to the door, it magically opened. The party quickly defeated a pair of mechanical hounds guarding the building and discovered that the building was a small House Cannith forge that likely dated to the earliest days of the House, some thousand years ago. In a secret compartment in the rear of the forge, the party found several magical items as well as a pendant bearing the House Cannith insignia on one side and a map of a coastline on the other. The pendant appeared to be a key of some sort with an inscription in Common that read “3 Turns Right, 3 Turns Left, 1 Turn Right, Then Push.” On the side of the pendant with the Cannith insignia, there were several raised pips that might serve as a key.



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