The Maddening Roar

Session 016

Spirits of the Past

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Although the party had not yet fully explored the kruthic tunnels, they shifted their attention toward the original Dhakaani passages, hoping to find Gnoth’s Tomb and the Guilded Cage supposedly buried with the bugbear.

In the first chamber they explored, a loud grinding sound could be heard below the tiles of the room’s floor. Several features of the room gave the party reason to suspect that the room bore a trap, and thus the party chose to bypass the room, traveling instead through the kruthic tunnels.

The next room held four statues of goblins and a great statue of a female bugbear, likely a depiction of Gnoth. Tiles on the floor bore a magical aura, and Jak was able to determine that the runes could be depressed in a particular pattern to either summon an elemental guardian of the room or to open a portal from the room. Using the leather scrap found on the body of the Kech Volaar goblin, the party was eventually able to open a secret door behind the massive statue of Gnoth.

Behind a pair of iron doors at the end of the hallway beyond the statue, the party entered what appeared to be the final resting place of Gnoth. A large statue of Gnoth rose from the room’s center, and statues of goblins and hobgoblins stood in the room’s four corners. In alcoves throughout the room, bas-relief depicted all manner of Dhakaani races standing in an honorific pose, facing a dais on one end of the room where a stone sarcophagus rested.

Nemis entered the room, paying little attention to the statues and moved quickly toward the sarcophagus. Almost immediately, a booming voice filled the room, claiming to be Gnoth. The voice labeled the party as tomb raiders and thieves. A translucent spirit taking the form of a great female bugbear rose from the sarcophagus, facing the party with eyes of fire. A pair of skeletons erupted from within two hobgoblin statues and a pair of goblin spirits emerged from two goblin statues. Jak and Tivira attempted to speak with Gnoth’s ghost, explaining that they sought the Guilded Cage to stop a group of cultists from freeing Belashyrra. Gnoth’s spirit claimed responsibility for imprisoning Belashyrra, although it appeared unsure of the party’s ultimate motivations. The spirit challenged the party to battle, claiming that if they were thieves, they deserved to die, and if they spoke the truth, they would fail in their quest should they prove weak.

After a lengthy battle, the party eventually defeated Gnoth and her undead guardians.



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