The Maddening Roar

Session 019 to 021

Lair of the Queen With Burning Eyes

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The party made their way deeper into the Dhakaani ruins. After falling prey to a mechanical pit trap, the group found themselves at a large intersection. Exploring the southern passage, they found a nest of spiders of all sizes as well as several large and likely extremely valuable Dhakaani urns. The party wisely avoided the spider den and turned their attention northward.

There, they entered a grand chamber filled with 40-foot-tall statues of regal hobgoblins. Hidden among the statues were several mutated goblinoids: dolgrimm, dolgaunt, and dolgarr warriors. These monstrosities were quickly defeated and the party pressed onward, where they found a small, but fairly recent camp where several upper-class individuals had apparently recently spent the night. The identity, purpose, and present location of these individuals was unclear at the time.

Farther to the northeast, the group entered a second region of magical darkness and fought more grimlocks in the blackness. The large numbers of mutated aberrations suggested the work of the daelkyr, and a short time later, the party encountered the Queen with Burning Eyes, a naga devotee of Belashyrra. In the same room sat a 10-foot-tall obsidian egg with a black eye in its center as well as several human and half-human/half-snake cultists.

The Queen spoke directly to Jak, tempting the tiefling with an offer to assist Belashyrra in exchange for information regarding his mother. Jak played along for a short time before unleashing his Blade of Annihilation at the obsidian egg. The rest of the party joined the fray and soon the egg lay in cracked pieces and the Queen with Burning Eyes moved no more.

The group captured two of the human cultists and interrogated them, discovering that the Queen was their cult’s link with Belashyrra and that their cult’s leader was indeed Vestan ir’Simul.

Armed with this knowledge, the group gathered the shattered pieces of the egg and made their way back to the surface of Sharn. However, before they could turn in the surviving cultists to a Medani safehouse, they were approached by a small group of the Sharn Watch.



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