The Maddening Roar

Session 022


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It was evident that the guards sought to arrest the party, and the group moved quickly to evade the members of the Sharn Watch. While Tivira conjured the sound of a loud explosion in a nearby alleyway, Nemis brought forth a great light while simultaneously teleporting into a nearby tavern. The rest of group hurried away in a somewhat confused, haphazard manner, but they all managed to avoid capture.

While the rest of the group found an abandoned tenement in the lower reaches of Sharn to hide away, Saiph carefully made his way to a House Medani enclave, where he was apprised that individuals matching the party’s exact (and unique) description were seen by many witnesses murdering two jewelry store owners and stealing several thousand gold pieces worth of merchandise. Saiph suspected that this might have been the work of the Tyrants. With his House Medani connections, Saiph determined that a contact for the Tyrants recently met with a particularly large human who matched the description of Vestan ir’Simul’s bodyguard.

Saiph relayed this information to the rest of the party and the group laid low for a day, carefully deciding their next step. The party felt certain from their brief conversation with the Queen with Burning Eyes and this current situation with the Tyrants being hired to frame them for murder that Vestan must know or suspect that the party is aware of his affiliation with the Cult of Belashyrra. They decided upon a miniature terrorism campaign directed at Vestan’s business interests, starting with placing small amounts of a purple mold in the coaches of the Red Eagle Skycoach Company.

During one of those trips, Saiph was approached by a white barn owl with a missive tied to its leg. The missive read, “Helion [Saiph’s House Medani codename], Northeast stairs. Myriad Tower. Nightfall. Bring travel gear and those you are embedded with and only those that you trust. Give this parchment to the guard near the stairs. Discretion.”



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