The Maddening Roar

Session 023

The Hunt Begins

Saiph gathered his companions and went to the top of Myriad Tower at nightfall, according to the instructions. Inside the tower, they found Trelib d’Medani standing with an aging man who had clearly seen much military duty. Trelib welcomed Saiph and had the elf introduce the rest of the group. The elderly man was introduced as Viorr Maelek, a captain of the King’s Dark Lanterns.

Trelib explained that Viorr had a task for the group that would require them leaving Sharn, a situation that would be most beneficial considering their current predicament. However, Viorr was not fully convinced of the group’s abilities, so he asked them to trap a live ape within his greenhouse.

Kin quickly recognized that several of the plants within the jungle-like greenhouse could be harvested and concentrated to produce a narcotic, and she and Nemis prepared a crude extract and laced several pieces of fruit with the drug. Tivira then used her shaped consciousness and mage hand abilities to place the fruit near the ape. Soon enough, the ape ate the fruit and succumbed to the narcotic, making it easy for the group to bind him and bring him back to Viorr.

Impressed, Viorr explained that a member of the Dark Lanterns, a human named Lucan Stellos, had recently broken into a secured vault and stolen a magical sword dubbed the Soul Blade. Lucan had displayed several unusual abilities, such as a power over the minds of the vault guards as well as an ability to walk down the wall of the building once he had the sword.

A thorough search of Lucan’s home revealed little, although the Dark Lanterns were able to magically determine two pieces of information: that Lucian was heading to Trolanport in the gnome nation of Zilargo to the east, and the word “krell.”

Viorr stated that Lucan had a little over a full day’s head start on the party and he urged them to move quickly. He handed the party a letter of credit from the nation of Breland and said that House Vadalis magebred horses would be waiting for them at the eastern gates of Sharn.

The party took off and pushed their steeds to catch Lucan. Four days later, almost halfway to Trolanport, they came upon a black carriage matching the description of one Lucan was seen leaving Sharn in. The group quickly hatched a plan wherein Tivira, Kin, and Saiph would appear to be agents of the law chasing down Jak and Nemis. Using this ruse, the group sped past the black wagon, getting in front of it where they could lay a trap.

As they passed, they each surreptitiously glanced at the carriage. A red-haired woman in her mid-thirties was driving the pair of black horses. She was the only visible occupant of the wagon. However, inside the carriage, Saiph noticed a coffin-shaped box that appeared to be opening slowly as the group sped past.



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