The Maddening Roar

Session 024

A Masquerade Ball Full of Intrigue

The party captured the red-haired woman a few yards in the forest and discovered that she was Lucan’s sister. She claimed that she was Lucan’s sister and that Lucan had appeared at her apartment in Sharn, suddenly changed and needing help leaving the city, and she agreed to help her brother. The party allowed Grilsha to continue driving the carriage and Lucan’s now-empty coffin to Trolanport and gave her the impression that they would be heading elsewhere.

However, the group instead sped to Trolanport ahead of Grilsha. Once there, they discovered that the word “krell” likely referred to Neya Krell, a diplomat from the nation of Aundair. Neya Krell was holding a masquerade ball in two days, the day that Lucan and Grilsha would have originally arrived in Trolanport.

Nemis, Kin, and Tivira scouted out the city and the Aundairan Embassy, the location of the masquerade ball, while Saiph made his way to the local House Medani safehouse, where he managed to secure an invitation for himself and a guest to the ball.

That evening, Saiph and Tivira bought costumes and masks and went to the party, which was held in the courtyard of the Aundairan Embassy, while Kin and Jak bribed some of the staff and made their way into the embassy through a backdoor. The tiefling and the warforged watched the events unfold from a window high above the courtyard.

Saiph and Tivira quickly spotted Neya Krell working the crowd. Saiph also identified Lucan standing sullenly in one corner of the courtyard. A few minutes after Tivira and Saiph arrived at the ball, they observed Lucan approach Neya and the two made their way to the dancefloor. Saiph and Tivira did the same, dancing close beside Neya and Lucan. They overheard the following snippets of a conversation between Neya and Lucan:

Neya: “…traveling papers…” “…Karrnath…” “…airship leaves tonight…”
Lucan: “…gratitude…” “…debt to…”

In addition, Saiph saw that Neya very smoothly slipped a large envelope into the inner pocket of Lucan’s coat. At the end of the dance, Tivira pretended to trip and fall into Lucan and during the disruption, Saiph used his aberrant dragonmark to pick Lucan’s pocket, stealing the envelope for himself.

After the dance, Saiph and Tivira made their way toward the door. They noticed Neya walked up to one of the guards, a female, and whispered something into her ear. The guard then removed some of her outer armor, donned a very fancy cloak to cover what she couldn’t remove, put on a masquerade mask, walked up to Lucan, and asked for a dance. Lucan seemed annoyed, but agreed.

Saiph and Tivira started to leave. As they were just at the exit, they heard Lucan shout, “You traitorous witch!” When they turned around, they saw the female guard on the ground and Lucan standing above her, looking down. Lucan also suddenly had the Soul Blade in his gloved hand. The vampire quickly ran the sword through the nearly helpless guard and killed her.

The guests screamed and Tivira and Saiph used the commotion to exit the courtyard. The last they saw before they were out of the embassy was Lucan surrounded by Aundairan guards and Neya quietly and calmly leaving through a side door. Jak and Kin were tempted to help the guards, but they, too, left. The part met back up in their room at the inn, where they discovered that the envelope had two items: traveling identification papers with Lucan’s picture on them, but with a different name and listing his nation of residence as Karrnath, and a letter of credit from Aundair for several thousand gold.



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