The Maddening Roar

Session 026-27

A Vampire In The Sky

Tivira and Saiph managed to catch a ride with Captain Leena Aksom on ’Rygar’s Doom,’ a privateer airship. While ’Rygar’s Doom’ was fast, it would not be able to catch up with the ship that Nemis, Kin, and Jak were aboard, ’Cloud’s Destiny,’ for three days.

Aboard ’Cloud’s Destiny,’ Jak, Kin, and Nemis searched the ship for Lucan. In the cargo hold, they found a locked storage door for which the key seemed to have disappeared. The group was informed that behind the door was an extra-dimensional space used for storing large items. Nemis used a Knock ritual to unlock the door and inside, the group found Lucan.

A vicious battle ensued that spread from the cargo hold up to the deck. Just as Lucan appeared to be attempting to flee the ship in gaseous form, Jak hopped aboard a small airskiff tied to the side of ’Cloud’s Destiny’ to follow. Seeing that his escape route was cutoff, Lucan headed back down into the hold of the ship, followed by Nemis, Jak, and Kin.

In the hold, the group found Lucan in a small room wildly swinging the Soul Blade at a magically suspended dragonshard crystal. Jak recognized that the dragonshard held the imprisoned elemental that provided the airship with power and that if the crystal was destroyed, the airship would fall from the sky.

Before long, Lucan had destroyed the crystal, freeing the elemental and sending the airship plunging to the ground. The explosion knocked Lucan to the ground and temporarily knocked the Soul Blade from his grasp. His expression suddenly changed and the vampire yelled to the gathered party, ‘The sword! Destroy the sword! Forged in Mabar, sundered in Irian. You must…’ At that point, the sword briefly shook and then flew through the air into Lucan’s hand. Lucan’s expression changed again and the vampire struggled to rise to his feet. Jak took the opportunity to end the vampire’s life with a swift slice of his own Blade of Annihilation. Jak attempted to pick up the Soul Blade, at which point the tiefling heard a voice in his head.

‘Who is this that wields Kallas? You will take me to Karrnath immediately.’ Only with a great force of will was Jak able to release his grasp on the sword.

Meanwhile, the ship was tumbling out of the sky. Nemis, Kin, and Jak fought to make their way through the ship and help the passengers still onboard to airskiffs. Unfortunately, many fell from the ship as it twisted in freefall. Jak, Nemis, and Kin managed to reach the extra-dimensional storage locker just before the ship crashed. Inside, they were safe from harm.

Those aboard ’Rygar’s Doom’ saw ’Cloud’s Destiny’ plummet and Captain Leena ordered her ship to drop to try to assist the survivors. On the ground, they found only a handful of survivors, including Jak, Kin, and Tivira. While the rest of the group helped the survivors and gathered the dead, Tivira picked up the Soul Blade with a telekinetic power. However, even without touching Kallas, the sword spoke to Tivira, demanding that the kalashtar take it to Karrnath. Tivira managed to move Kallas into the extra-dimensional space and drop the sword there, preventing it from communicating or controlling anyone.



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