Jak's Tome of Inanna


The default bonus for this item is a bonus to attack rolls and damage. The bonus starts at 1 and increases by +1 every 5 levels (2 at level 6, +3 at level 11, +4 at level 16, +5 at level 21, and +6 at level 26).

There are six abilities that can be unlocked, each for a particular level range (1-5, 6-10, etc.). If an ability isn’t unlocked by the time the character reaches the next level range (if Inanna’s Insight isn’t unlocked by 6th level, for instance), the ability is automatically unlocked.

There is no set requirements for unlocking the powers. That is left to the players to determine what they want to do and what they think is appropriate (with final DM approval, of course.)

Inanna’s Insight (Levels 1-5): As Inanna’s writings become visible, Jak feels his link to his succubus mother grow, granting him greater access to his demonic heritage granting him a +2 bonus to Arcana and Intimidate. In addition, by following the practices penned by Inanna, Jak can draw forth more power from Khyber with which to enhance his powers granting him +1d8 to critical damage rolls. Finally, Inanna’s insights into demon-kind provide Jak with knowledge of those who hold his mother captive: gain Otherworldly Lore power.

Otherworldly Lore
Relic Item Utility
Something about the creature’s movements strikes a chord; you know just how to fight it.
Minor Action
Close burst 5
Target: One aberrant, demon, or devil you can see in burst
Effect: You make an Arcana knowledge check to determine the target’s resistances and vulnerabilities. (DC 25). If the check succeeds, you or one ally who can hear you gains a +4 bonus to his or her next attack roll against the target before the end of your next turn.

Flames of Khyber (Levels 6-10): Inanna’s words describe a potent spell used by lesser demon lords, granting Jak the Flames of Khyber power.

Flames of Khyber
Relic Item Attack
Demonic fire washes over your foe, burning not only its physical form but the very stuff of its soul.
Arcane, Fire, Implement
Standard Action
Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Charisma vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d10 + Charisma modifier fire damage, and ongoing 10 fire damage (save ends)
Miss: Half damage, and ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends)

Fuel of Mortal Souls (Levels 11-15): The writings of Inanna’s journal continue to provide Jak with insight into ways in which to manipulate and control others, granting him a +2 bonus to Bluff and Intimidate and allowing him re-roll all Intimidate checks (always using the higher of the two rolls). In addition, the book describes how demon lords fuel their own powers with the mortal souls they obtain, granting Jak the Fuel of Mortal Souls power.

Fuel of Mortal Souls
Relic Item Utility
Before sending the spirit of this mortal to the Keeper of Secrets, you steal some of its power for your own.
Move Action
Trigger: You use your Soul Feast power
Effect: You regain the use of a spent encounter or daily power.

Demonic Control (Levels 16-20): By following blood rituals described in Inanna’s revealed writings, Jak imbues his Blade of Annihilation with fire that burns with the heat of the deepest reaches of Khyber. His attacks that deal fire damage are so powerful that they ignore all fire resistance and deal ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends). In addition, the journal’s pages explain the demonic laws that can be used to utterly subjugate non-mortals, granting Jak the use of the Demonic Subjugation power.

Demonic Subjugation
Relic Item Utility
Filled with complete authority, you order an immortal entity to serve you.
Standard Action
Melee touch
Effect: You command an aberrant, elemental, fey, immortal, or shadow creature whose level does not exceed yours. The subject of this power must be able to see and hear you and must remain within reach of you for the entirety of your turn. To determine the extent of your authority over the subject, you engage in a special skill challenge as you verbally engage in a magical battle of wits with your target. The DCs for the checks in this challenge are equal to the subject’s level + 10. Intimidation is the primary skill; each time you succeed on an Intimidation check, you must use Arcana, Religion, Bluff, or Diplomacy on a subsequent check. Once you have amassed 3 failures or achieved 10 successes, the skill challenge ends. Consult the following table and apply the effect associated with the number of successes you achieved.
When the specified task is completed, the power is discharged, and the creature (or you) is released from service. You can request any kind of service that does not compel the subject to obey multiple commands, force the subject to engage in combat, or ensure the subject’s death. (The subject can engage in combat to achieve a task if it wishes, but combat cannot be required.) If the task is impossible, such as commanding a creature that cannot fly to soar into the sky, the creature can ignore the command.
Number of Successes / Effect
0 or 1 / The creature has authority over you and can issue one command that you must obey, a task that requires up to a day of effort.
2 or 3 / You have immediate authority over the creature. You can command the creature to perform one task that takes no more than 5 minutes.
4 or 5 / You have moderate authority over the creature. You can command the creature to perform a task that requires up to a day of effort.
6 or 7 / You have significant authority over the creature. You can command the creature to perform a task that requires up to a week of effort.
8 or 9 / You have great authority over the creature. You can command the creature to perform a task that requires up to a month of effort.
10 / You have ultimate authority over the creature. You can command the creature to perform a task that requires up to a year and a day of effort.

Demonic Power (Levels 21-25): Inanna’s writings become more clear as she knows that Jak will have amassed great power by this point. She describes the location of many teleportation circles within Khyber as well as the eldritch methods necessary to gain access to them. Jak learns the location of ten teleportation circles in Khyber. In addition, Jak gains the ability to cast the Planar Portal ritual once per day as described on page 310 of the Player’s Handbook except that it requires no component cost and can be cast as a standard action. Furthermore, through this knowledge, Jak is able to call more powerful demonic allies to serve him. The allies that he can call through his summon warlock’s ally power are all treated as having +2 bonus to all defenses, a +2 bonus to all attacks and a +4 bonus to all damage.

Master of Khyber (Levels 26-30): Inanna’s writings explain to Jak what she believes will happen to her and where she may be, if she is still alive. Furthermore, she explains several rituals that Jak can use to bolster his powers and reach her. Jak gains the ability to cast the True Portal ritual once per day without expending any component costs. Furthermore, Jak gains the ability to summon two Blades of Annihilation simultaneously. One of these Blades can acquire the Dancing Weapon magical property.


Jak's Tome of Inanna

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