Nemis' Syberis Dragonshard


The default bonus for this item is a bonus to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will defenses and Resistance against elemental damage (Cold, Fire, Lightning, Radiant, Thunder). The bonus starts at 1 and increases by +1 every 5 levels (2 at level 6, +3 at level 11, +4 at level 16, +5 at level 21, and +6 at level 26).

There are six abilities that can be unlocked, each for a particular level range (1-5, 6-10, etc.). If an ability isn’t unlocked by the time the character reaches the next level range (if Prophetic Whispers isn’t unlocked by 6th level, for instance), the ability is automatically unlocked.

There is no set requirements for unlocking the powers. That is left to the players to determine what they want to do and what they think is appropriate (with final DM approval, of course.)

Prophetic Whispers (Levels 1-5): Nemis begins to hear whispers of the future and the past coming from within its dragonshard. These prophecies provide a boon to Nemis, granting it a +2 bonus to Heal and History. In addition, the dragonshard protects Nemis from the most damaging of attacks – any critical hit that targets Nemis’ Fortitude, Reflex, or Will defense is automatically converted to a normal hit. Finally, the dragonshard’s power enables Nemis to assist its allies by recalling tactical knowledge of the past, granting it the Historical Epiphany power.

Historical Epiphany
Relic Item Utility
Visions of ancient battles flash past your vision, echoing your enemies’ positions. You use that knowledge to help your side in the battle.
Free Action
Close burst 5
Trigger: You roll initiative
Target: You and each ally in burst
Effect: You make a History check, and each target can use the check as his or her initiative check result.

Runes of the Prophecy (Levels 6-10): The whispers from Nemis’s dragonshard become louder and Nemis begins to understand how to use the power of the Draconic Prophecy to aid its own ends. Nemis gains the Runes of the Prophecy power.

Runes of the Prophecy
Relic Item Attack
An array of colorful rues envelopes your foes, distracting them and slowing them. As each creature breaks free of the effect, the light of the runes flare one last time, searing their flesh and dazzling their eyes.
Implement, Radiant
Standard Action
Area burst 1 within 10 squares
Target: Each creature in burst.
Attack: Wisdom vs. Will
Hit: The target is slowed and grants combat advantage (save ends both). Aftereffect: 3d6 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage, and the target grants combat advantage until the end of your next turn.
Miss: 1d6 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage, and the target grants combat advantage until the end of your next turn.

Enduring Prophecy (Levels 11-15): The dragonshard further weaves Nemis’s thoughts and actions into the Draconic Prophecy, granting it a +2 bonus to History and Nature and allowing Nemis to re-roll all History checks (always using the higher of the two rolls). In addition, Nemis discovers how to manipulate the Draconic Prophecy to bolster his own powers, granting Nemis the Runes of Extension power.

Runes of Extension
Relic Item Utility
As you complete the spell, you weave a rune of the Draconic Prophecy into the air, one that causes your spell’s effects to linger longer than normal.
Minor Action
Effect: One power you use before the end of this turn that has an effect that only lasts for one turn now lasts until the end of the end of the encounter (for powers that affect allies) or is now save ends (for powers that affect enemies).

Sight of the Prophecy (Levels 16-20): The power of the dragonshard increases, and its power continues to pulse through Nemis’s boughs, strengthening its connections with the Draconic Prophecy. This increased awareness of and association with the Draconic Prophecy imbues all of Nemis’ actions with greater portent and relevance to the larger history of Eberron. Any healing granted by one of Nemis’s powers heals an additional amount equal to Nemis’ Wisdom modifier plus the bonus provided by this dragonshard (+4 at levels 16-20, +5 at levels 21-25, +6 at levels 26-30). In addition, Nemis can use the dragonshard’s link with the Draconic Prophecy to look directly into the past, granting Nemis the Vision of the Past power.

Vision of the Past
Relic Item Utility
You close your eyes momentarily and connect with the Draconic Prophecy, mentally forcing your senses to be a conduit between the past and the present. When you open your eyes, you see the room as it was long ago.
Standard Action
Close burst 20
Effect: For a number of rounds equal to your Wisdom modifier, you observe everything within the area of effect as it existed at some point in the past. You cannot affect or alter the past in any way, and any creatures you observe in the past cannot see you. You must make a History check to determine how far into the past you can mentally travel.
History Check Result / Time Traveled
9 or lower / Up to 1 hour
10-19 / Up to 1 day
20-29 / Up to 1 year
30-39 / Up to 10 years
40 or higher / Up to 100 years

Prophetic Forecast (Levels 21-25): Nemis understands how to link the power of the dragonshard to the natural world around it, granting Nemis the Control Weather power Call Weather powers.

Control Weather
Relic Item Utility
Thunderheads form on the horizon and race across the sky, bringing with them curtains of rain and slashing lightning.
Standard Action
Close burst 2 miles
Effect: You change the weather within the area of effect. The change is limited by the current season. In spring, you can generate a heat wave, a sleet storm, or a thunderstorm. In summer, you can generate a hailstorm, a heat wave, or a rainstorm. In autumn, you can generate a cold snap, heavy fog, sleet, or a windstorm. In winter, you can generate a blizzard, a windstorm, or a thaw. You control the weather’s general tendencies, such as the direction and intensity of the wind or the degree of osbscurity from fog, hail, rain, and snow. You cannot control specific applications of the weather, such as where lightning strikes. The duration of the weather change is determined by a Nature check. At the end of the duration, the weather reverts back to its original state.
Nature Check Result / Duration
19 or lower / 2 hours
20-29 / 4 hours
30-39 / 16 hours
40 or higher / 24 hours

Call Weather
Relic Item Attack
A small blizzard suddenly appears, growing to encompass an ever-wider area.
Elemental, Implement, Zone
Standard Action
Area burst 2 within 20 squares
Target: Each creature in burst.
Attack: Wisdom vs. Fortitude
Hit: 4d6 + Wisdom modifier elemental damage
Miss: Half damage
Effect: The burst creates of zone of intense weather that lasts until the end of your next turn. Any creature that enters the zone or starts its turn there is slowed until the end of your next turn and takes 5 elemental damage. You can end the zone as a minor action.
Sustain Minor: The zone persists, and you can increase its size by 1 to a maximum of burst 5.
Special: Every time you use this power, you choose the kind of weather you call, and you choose the kind of damage it deals. Replace the word “elemental” with either cold, fire, lightning, or thunder.

Chosen of the Prophecy (Levels 26-30): Through the dragonshard, Nemis becomes one with the Draconic Prophecy, gaining the ability to bend the very fabric of reality to suit its ends. This manifests itself in two ways. First, once per day, as a standard action, Nemis can use any ritual of 25th level or lower without needing to know the ritual, without spending any component costs. In addition, Nemis gains a +10 bonus to any roll associated with the ritual. The second manifestation of Nemis’ prophetic power is NOT FINISHED YET!! SORRY, BRAON! If you have any ideas, please tell me!


Nemis' Syberis Dragonshard

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