Belashyrra is a daelkyr, a near-immortal entity from a distant plane of existence called Xoriat, a realm that sages often describe as the Far Realm for its complete and utter dissimilarities with the mortal realm. The daelkyr are a race that takes on a human-like appearance on Eberron. They have a gift for constructing new life forms and for altering old life forms. It is believed that the daelkyr are responsible for the creation of many aberrant monstrosities currently roaming Eberron, including beholders, illithids, and medusae.

Belashyrra is known as the Lord of Eyes and he is believe to be the daelkyr responsible for creating beholders and other many-eyed creatures.

Like several other daelkyr, Belashyrra came to Eberron tens of thousands of years ago, when a portal was opened between Xoriat and Eberron. A great war erupted between the goblinoid Dhakaani empire and the daelkyr. Eventually, the Dhakaani empire closed the portals and won the war, imprisoning the daelkyr in magical cells deep in the bowels of Khyber. However, the daelkyr plot and scheme through whispers and dreams, and they hope to one day free themselves so that they can remake Eberron into a world more to their liking.

The Cult of Belashyrra encompasses many individuals, including Vestan ir’Simul, Silas Hiram, Brynn Attul, and Willam Loren. One cell of the cult, led by Brynn Attul, was destroyed by the party. However, it appears that Vestan ir’Simul is a powerful figure within the cult.

Belashyrra appears to require a set of artifacts known as the Seven Rubicons to free himself from his eldritch prison.


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