Church of the Silver Flame

The Church of the Silver Flame is a prominent religious organization in Eberron. They worship the Silver Flame, a sentient magical fire left behind after the paladin Tira Miron sacrificed herself to kill a demon lord. The Silver Flame is a divine power that does not demand praise or worship, gold or sacrifices. Rather, the Flame calls upon individuals to be warriors and ministers who will embrace the path of righteousness and banish evil in its many forms from the world.

The nation of Thrane has recently become a theocracy under the control of the Church of the Silver Flame. The Church is less powerful in other regions of Eberron, where worship of the Sovereign Host is more prominent, but it remains a growing force throughout the world.

Unfortunately, the Church of the Silver Flame is also rife with corruption. Individuals who see the Church as a means to gain personal power and who have little interest in the greater good or in banishing evil have begun to overrun the Church, tarnishing the beacon of light that the Church hopes to provide to the world.

Recently, the party discovered that many members of a prominent Church of the Silver Flame in Sharn were members of a secret Cult of the Dragon Below.

Church of the Silver Flame

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