Silas Hiram

Silas Hiram was the Abbot of the Cathedral of the Cleansing Light, the largest and most powerful temple dedicated to the Silver Flame within Sharn. As Abbot of the temple, Silas was primarily in charge of coordinating the long-term practices of the church, handling the flow of funds that passed into and out of the church’s coffers.

The party first met Silas Hiram when they arrived unannounced at Vestan ir’Simul’s manor in Skyway and found the pair talking. Silas hired the party to investigate a missing acolyte of the Cathedral of the Cleansing Light, Willam Loren. During their investigations, the party discovered that both Silas and Willam, as well as several other members of the Cathedral of the Silver Flame, were members of a larger Cult of the Dragon Below that worshiped the daelkyr named Belashyrra.

The party eventually confronted Silas in his office at the Cathedral of the Cleansing Light late at night, where the man said that he did not know what had happened to Willam and he admitted that he hired the party to find Willam because Willam’s disappearance posed a threat to the secrecy of the Cult.

In a fit of rage, Jak killed Silas, sending his soul to Sul Khatesh. The party then burned Silas’s office before secreting his body to the Cogs where they cremated it, claiming he was a plague victim from a nearby city.

In response to Silas’ disappearance and the burning of his office, the Church of the Silver Flame has reportedly launched an internal investigation, although they have made a pointed effort to keep the local Sharn law-enforcement agencies from interfering. The party started a rumor throughout Sharn that demonic cultists had infiltrated the ranks of the Cathedral of the Cleansing Light and that the fire in Silas’ office was the result of a magical battle between several priests of the Silver Flame.

Silas Hiram was a tall, lanky human male who wore loose clerical robes that appeared to be designed to disguise how thin he was. Silas wore horn-rimmed glasses atop his hawk nose and his face was deeply pitted and scarred as though he had suffered through a horrible bout of acne as a child. He wore his short black hair parted directly down the middle of his scalp. Silas spoke with a nasally tone and seemed to be continuously over-excited when he spoke. When finally confronted about his involvement with the Cult of Belashyrra, Silas became even more excited, his voice taking on a near-manic quality.

Silas Hiram

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