Timeline of Events

Ollarune (February) 20th, 994 YK, 4:00pm: The party explores the ir’Lain tower, frees Lord Major Bren ir’Gallen and Arik Redtree and develop aberrant dragonmarks.

Ollarune (February) 20th, 996 YK, 1:00pm: The party fights the Mourning Mist monster at the memorial ceremony.

Ollarune (February) 20th, 996 YK, 4:00pm: The party investigates Arik Redtree’s rowhome and disables the arcane explosive.

Ollarune (February) 21st, 996 YK, 1:00am: Tivira kills a bartender in Shamukaar Tavern. The party find Bonal Geldem assassinated by a warforged and flee from the Sharn Watch.

Ollarune (February) 21st, 996 YK, 11:30am: The party meets at the Red Eagle Skycoach Company to catch a ride to Vestan ir’Simul’s Skyway manor. Along the way, they are attacked by Arik Redtree and soarsled-riding goblins. At Vestan’s manor, he employs them to find out why his excavation in the Cogs has stopped.

Ollarune (February) 21st, 996 YK, 6:00pm: The party arrives in the Cogs and make their way to Vestan’s property where they begin to explore the ruins of Ja’Sharaat.

Ollarune (February) 21st, 996 YK, 7:00pm: The party hires Moguul to translate for them.

Ollarune (February) 21st, 996 YK, 10:00pm: The party spends the night with Moguul and his bugbear roommates. The discover that Daask ordered that the excavation be halted.

Ollarune (February) 22nd, 996 YK, 4:00am: The party are attacked in their dreams by Arik Redtree and agents of the Dreaming Dark.

Ollarune (February) 22nd, 996 YK, 7:00am: The party return to the ruins of Ja’Sharaat. They find the House Cannith foundry and are attacked by warforged agents of the Lord of Blades. Moguul dies. The party cremates/smelts all of the bodies.

Ollarune (February) 22nd, 996 YK, 12:00pm: The party returns from the Cogs. Saiph meets with House Medani while the rest of the party report their findings to Vestan ir’Simul. Vestan asks them to negotiate with Daask on his behalf. Silas Hiram is there and also requests the party’s help to find Willam.

Ollarune (February) 22nd, 996 YK, 4:00pm: The party meets back up and investigates Willam’s disappearance.

Ollarune (February) 22nd, 996 YK, 10:00pm: The party confronts Silas in his office and discover that his a member of a Cult of the Dragon Below. They kill him and set fire to his office, escaping through a secret door in the back.

Ollarune (February) 22nd, 996 YK, 11:00pm: The party cremates Silas’s body in the Cogs.

Ollarune (February) 23rd, 996 YK, 1:00am: The party enters a mausoleum in the Dragon Crypts where the Cult of Belashyrra is conducting a ritual. The party kills all the cult members except three, including the cult leader, Brynn Attul.

Ollarune (February) 23rd, 996 YK, 8:00am: The party interrogates the captured cultists, then Jak kills them all.

Ollarune (February) 23rd, 996 YK, 11:00am: The party pays House Medani to cast Object Reading on the cult necklaces.

Ollarune (February) 23rd, 996 YK, 12:00pm: The party meets with Elaydren d’Vown. They give her Bonal Geldem’s journal. She asks for their assistance in tracking down a family heirloom, but the party refuses.

Ollarune (February) 23rd, 996 YK, 4:00pm: The party discovers that the Church of the Silver Flame is conducting a private investigation into Silas’s disappearance and the fire in his office. The party spreads a rumor that the church is infested with cultists.

Ollarune (February) 23rd, 996 YK, 10:00pm: The party returns to Shamukaar Tavern, where they meet an orc who spoke with Willam on the night of his disappearance. The orc is a member of Daask and he leads the party to the hidden sewer home of Slassek, a kobold boss of Daask. Sslassek offers the party gold in exchange for eliminating the Cult of Belashyrra.

Ollarune (February) 24th, 996 YK, 8:00am: The party returns to Sslassek’s sewer hideout and gives him all of the cultist necklaces they previously obtained. He pays them for them all.

Ollarune (February) 24th, 996 YK, 1:00pm: The party returns to the mausoleum in the Dragon Crypts, where they hope to investigate some Dhakaani ruins that may be the tomb of Gnoth, a Dhakaani hero who was buried with one of the Seven Rubicons.

Ollarune (February) 24th, 996 YK, 6:00pm: The party returns to the surface of Sharn and visits the House Sivis message center, where there is a message from Vestan ir’Simul wanting to set up a meeting. Saiph notices four humans spying on the party, but they flee.

Ollarune (February) 25th, 996 YK, 2:00pm: The party meets Vestan ir’Simul at Galdin’s Garden restaurant where he hires the party to explore a new section of Dhakaani ruins in the Cogs. The party is also approached by Sergeant Greggar Dolom, who suggests that the party meet with him at their earliest convenience.

Ollarune (February) 26th, 996 YK, 8:00am: The party arrives in the Cogs and clandestinely makes their way to Vestan ir’Simul’s new property and begin exploring it.

Ollarune (February) 26th, 996 YK, 11:30am: The party comes upon the Queen with Burning Eyes. After refusing to assist her by joining the Cult of Belashyrra, the party killed the Queen and took two cultists prisoner.

Ollarune (February) 26th, 996 YK, 6:00pm: The party leaves the Cogs and returns to Sharn proper. On their way to a House Medani enclave, they are approached by a group of the Sharn Watch.

Ollarune (February) 26th, 996 YK, 9:00pm: Saiph reaches a House Medani enclave and learns that they are wanted for a crime they didn’t commit.

Ollarune (February) 27th, 996 YK, 9:00am: The party reconvenes and begins spreading purple mold on the cushions of Vestan ir’Simmul’s Red Eagle skycoaches.

Ollarune (February) 27th, 996 YK, 8:00pm: The party arrives at Myriad Tower and is tasked with finding Lucan Stellos.

Ollarune (February) 27th, 996 YK, 11:00pm: The party leaves Sharn in pursuit of Lucan Stellos.

Therendor (March) 3rd, 996 YK, 1:00pm: The party catches up to the black carriage carrying Lucan Stellos. Lucan escapes and continues toward Trolanport.

Therendor (March) 7th, 996 YK, 10:00am: The party arrives in Trolanport.

Therendor (March) 8th, 996 YK, 7:00pm: Tivira and Saiph attend the masquerade ball hosted by Neya Krell.

Therendor (March) 8th, 996 YK, 10:00pm: Kin, Nemis, and Jak board “Cloud’s Destiny” following Lucan Stellos while Tivira and Saiph locate and interrogate Neya Krell about Lucan.

Therendor (March) 8th, 996 YK, 11:30pm: Tivira and Saiph board “Rygar’s Doom” and convince Leena Aksom to follow “Cloud’s Destiny.”

Therendor (March) 9th, 996 YK, 2:00pm: Kin, Nemis, and Jak find Lucan Stellos and begin a battle with the vampire. During the battle, the airship’s dragonshard is destroyed and “Cloud’s Destiny” falls from the sky.

Therendor (March) 13th, 996 YK, 1:00pm: The group returns to Sharn aboard “Rygar’s Doom” and are attacked by Arik Redtree along with his allies, an Inspired and a shardforged.

Timeline of Events

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