Vestan ir'Simul

Vestan ir’Simul is a powerful and well-known businessman in Sharn who lives in an opulent manor house in the floating cloud city of Skyway high above the towers of Sharn. Although he has holdings in many companies, he is best known for building the Red Eagle Skycoach Company from the ground up into a transportation business capable of competing with the dragonmarked House Orien.

Vestan was present at the Mourning memorial ceremony in which the party fought and defeated the mist monster that had been summoned by Arik Redtree. Seeing the capabilities of the party, he hired them to investigate why his excavation operations had abruptly stopped in a hidden section of ruins of the ancient goblin city of Ja’Sharaat and why the foreman of the operations, a bugbear named Griss, had broken contact with Vestan.

During their investigations, the party revealed that the crime syndicate Daask may have given an order to Griss and the other excavation workers to halt the excavation, which prompted Vestan to offer the party an opportunity to negotiate with Daask on his behalf to allow the excavation to continue. The party declined this offer.

Vestan was also a friend of Silas Hiram, a former abbot of the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame whom the party discovered was a member of a Cult of the Dragon Below who worshiped the daelkyr Belashyrra, the Lord of Eyes. In addition, the party discovered several financial statements in Abbot Hiram’s office that indicated that several thousand gold pieces were donated to Vestan’s Red Eagle Skycoach Company under the guise of a “charitable donation.” Finally, through object-reading rituals, the party discovered that Vestan may be a prominent, leading force within this cult.

Vestan later hired the party to explore a second section of Dhakaani ruins — ruins that led to the Queen with Burning Eyes and further evidence of Vestan’s role in the cult of Belashyrra. Additionally, it revealed to the party that Vestan may know that the party is aware of his connections to the cult and that he may be trying to rid himself of them.

Vestan is an elderly human, perhaps 65 years of age, but remains spry and fit for his age. His white hair is balding gracefully, and Vestan bears a well-groomed white mustache. Vestan only wears the finest clothes and is always over-dressed for any occasion. He speaks in an articulate, exacting manner that hints of his business savvy. He is never seen without his imposing, gruff, and curt bodyguard, a large, square-headed human who stands over 7 feet tall.

Vestan ir'Simul

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