The Maddening Roar

Session 017

The Crimson Eagle

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Gnoth’s sarcophagus contained her mummified corpse, as well as a great magical axe, which Kin claimed as her own. In a pair of small stone chests flanking the sarcophagus, the group found several items, including the Guilded Cage. Nemis, attracted to the puzzle-like nature of the box, toyed with it, eventually causing it to transform of its own accord into a different shape. In so doing, a small lid opened on the top of the cube, revealing an interior filled with light. Deep within this light, Nemis could make out two sets of Draconic Prophecy that read:

“Those who seek the shattered souls under the light of Storm’s bright moon when the Endless Night is near shall turn barren lands into Spring’s first blossoming.”

(Research later revealed that Storm is the largest moon of Eberron, Endless Night is another term for the negative plane of Mabar, and Mabar will be closest to Eberron at the same time as Storm is a full moon in roughly five years.)


“When the Crimson Eagle bows to the Queen with Burning Eyes, the blood of the Five will be demanded.”

The 3-inch-cubed Rubicon then closed and began spinning of its own accord, hovering around the head of Nemis.

Considering their task in these ruins completed, the party left and returned to Sharn, where they found a message waiting for them at a House Sivis message center. The letter was from Vestan ir’Simul, who wanted to arrange a meeting to discuss a new business proposition.

Saiph noticed a group of four humans watching the party while they were at the House Sivis message center. It was clear from their manner that the humans were competent spies, but the group scattered through the streets before they could be confronted.

The party was reluctant to meet with Vestan, fearing that he may have discovered that the party was responsible for the destruction of a cell of the Cult of Belashyrra and for the burning of Silas Hiram’s office in the Church of the Silver Flame. Thus, they arranged to meet Vestan at Galdin’s Garden, a high-priced restaurant in upper Menthis Plateau.

The party arrived early to scout out the location, and before Vestan arrived, they were approached by Sergeant Greggar Dolom of the Sharn Watch, who apologized for interrupting the party’s meal, but suggested that the group should meet with him at some point in the future to discuss “a matter of importance to the city of Sharn.” He left the group with his desk number at the Citadel and took his leave.

Later, Vestan arrived, seemingly unaware that the party knows of his involvement with the Cult of Belashyrra. He hired the party to explore and map a new section of ruins that he had recently purchased. After agreeing to the conditions, Vestan gave the party the location of the new excavation site within the Cogs and returned to his home, leaving the party with the bill.



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