The Maddening Roar

Session 018

Into The Eyeless Depths

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That evening, the party made their way through Sharn, spending some of their hard-earned gold on much-needed supplies. During their excursions throughout the city, Saiph noticed, at various points, individuals that appeared to be following the group, always just on the edge of their vision. These individuals never followed the party for more than a few blocks, and there was never any confrontation, but throughout the day, Saiph felt that as many as a dozen different people may have been tailing his allies at one point or another.

The party eventually went to their respective homes and slept for the night. The following morning, they made their way into the Cogs, where they were to map out recently uncovered Dhakaani ruins for Vestan ir’Simul.

The small, vacant pair of rooms that Vestan had purchased contained a poorly-disguised hidden doorway that led to a circular ramp that descended deeper beneath Sharn. Jak noticed signs of foot traffic leading through the secret door and Saiph noted that it appeared as though someone had tried to cover up the tracks at some point in the past.

The room at the base of the ramp was clearly Dhakaani architecture, with elaborately carved columns and an obsidian altar holding a bronze water basin. As Nemis approached the basin, he triggered magical darkness trap, blanketing the room in blackness. Under the cover of the magical dark, the party was attacked by a number of grimlocks, mutated orcs with no eyes. After defeating the grimlocks, they continued exploring the ruins.



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