The Cogs are a honeycomb maze of tunnels deep beneath the towers of Sharn. The Cogs are lower than even the sewers of Sharn.

The Cogs were originally built in the remains of the ancient goblin city Ja’Sharaat, using the tunnels excavated by that ancient city’s inhabitants. The Cogs are deep enough that they can tap into several heat vents and lava pools, which provide power to the businesses residing in the Cogs.

The region gets its name because it is where the real work of Sharn gets done. All necessary, but unsightly or unpleasant businesses are relegated to the Cogs. This includes smithies, tanneries, slaughterhouses, crematoriums, and the like.

The Cogs is also the home to the city’s destitute. The Sharn guard rarely, if ever, visits the depths of the Cogs. Thus, crimes of desperation would run rampant in the Cogs were it not for the somewhat stabilizing force of Daask, a monstrous crime syndicate that provides some measure of law in a relatively lawless space. Daask runs a protection racket on the legitimate businesses of the Cogs, but they also employ a large number of individuals that would otherwise have no income, and thus, they are a well-respected, if not well-liked organization once one passes below the surface of Sharn.

To reach the Cogs, one must make a trip down a long, claustrophobia-inducing magically controlled elevator or take a three-hour-long hike along a set of unlit stairs.


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