House Cannith

Composed of humans, House Cannith is perhaps the most powerful of the Dragonmark Houses, although their power has declined severely since the end of the Last War. Bearing the Mark of Making, House Cannith made their fortune as expert craftsmen and artists, and House Cannith foundries and forges can be found in every city and village throughout the continent of Khorvaire.

House Cannith also discovered the method to infuse sentience into constructs, and by doing so created the warforged race. The rampant fighting of the Last War required troops on the front lines, and House Cannith was more than happy to supply warforged warriors to nations with sufficient gold.

The Treaty of Thronehold that ended the Last War required House Cannith to destroy all of their foundries where warforged could be constructed. In addition, House Cannith was banished from ever creating another sentient creature.

The party discovered a House Cannith journal on the body of Bonal Geldem, which they brought to Elaydren d’Vown, a member of House Cannith who had hired Bonal to research the location of a House Cannith heirloom which the party had unwittingly already discovered (although the party did not reveal this information to Lady d’Vown). Elaydren mentioned that the heirloom, a small pendant, may serve as a key to open an original House Cannith foundry in the Mournlands.

House Cannith

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